At NOE CONCEPTOS ESPECIALES S.L., we strive every day to provide our clients with the best experience in organizing events and exhibitions, as well as in the design and construction of our stands for national and international fairs. All of this is done while maintaining a strong commitment to environmental protection in all our operations.

Through our Quality Management System (ISO9001), Environmental Management System (ISO14001), and Sustainable Events (ISO20121 – in process), we aim to exceed expectations both in customer satisfaction and environmental protection.

Among our commitments, we highlight:


Excellence in Service Delivery: We commit to ensuring customer satisfaction and meeting their expectations by delivering high-quality services.

Clear and Measurable Standards: We define measurable quality standards for our services, identifying Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to evaluate and maintain high levels of performance.

Customer Connection: We strive to deeply understand our customers’ needs, aspiring not only to meet but to exceed their expectations, seeking their total satisfaction.

Innovation and Creativity: Foster innovation and creativity in the design and construction of stands, constantly seeking new ways to surprise and delight our customers.

Rigorous Quality Control: Implement rigorous quality control at all stages of stand design, construction, assembly, and disassembly, ensuring excellence in every detail and compliance with the highest standards.

Continuous Performance Evaluation: Conduct periodic evaluations of our processes and services, identifying areas for improvement and implementing corrective measures promptly and efficiently.

Pursue Continuous Improvement: Challenge ourselves constantly to elevate the quality of our products and services, identifying non-conformities and implementing necessary measures to prevent their recurrence.

Specialized Training: Provide specialized and ongoing training to our team, ensuring a high level of knowledge and skills to stay at the forefront of industry trends and technologies.


Sustainable Materials: Reduce the use of non-biodegradable plastics and prioritize certified materials, such as FSC wood, ensuring traceability and responsible forest practices.

Recycling and Reuse: Promote recycling and reuse of materials after rigorous quality control. Provide printed banners for reuse and contribute to waste reduction.

Efficient Lighting: Prioritize low-consumption LED lighting to reduce our energy impact and minimize waste generation.

Technology Use: Minimize paper usage through digital technologies and online meetings for more sustainable resource management.

Waste Management: Implement classification systems and specialized containers to ensure efficient separation and recycling of materials.

Energy Efficiency and Awareness: Promote responsible resource use and energy efficiency, water conservation, and responsible management of natural resources.

CO2 Emission Reduction: Carefully select transportation options for people and materials, choosing local offices and workshops, opting for hotels near events, and choosing more sustainable transportation methods.

Compliance with Legal Requirements: Comply with all legal and regulatory requirements, as well as commitments made by the organization regarding environmental aspects.

Promotion of Continuous Training: Promote employee training and awareness, ensuring the level of knowledge, motivation, and technical resources necessary for the efficient development of their activities.

Staff Awareness: Inform and train all collaborators about the use of our Management System, emphasizing the importance of their commitment to ensure the quality of our services and respect for the environment.

We extend this statement to all members of our team and anyone interested. Transparency in our philosophy is key to building a community committed to quality and sustainability.

In the firm commitment to uphold this statement, we reaffirm our values and objectives.

Jorge Gimeno


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