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Exhibition Marketing



Exhibitions are an integral part of your Sales And Marketing Strategy.

To be a success every component of the strategy must be well planned.

When we’ve taken decision to take part in the exhibitions we have to think over the following:

  • Why do we want to take part in the exhibition? What are our main objectives: to sell, to find new contacts, to introduce our new product, to reinforce our brand, to open new markets?
  • How do we chose in what exhibition we should participate? Does it depends on it location, sector, visitor’s profile…
  • What should we plan before going to the exhibition? An exhaustive plan of our actions, which include everything from stand design to promotion activities that are to be held during the exhibition.
  • Is it necessary to set aims for the exhibition? Does participation in the exhibition help us to reach the goals set by our Marketing department? How can we esteem whether we’ve reached our objectives or not? Has our exhibition activity been cost efficient?
  • What should we do during the exhibition? Promotion activities, presentations, demonstrations, investigation of clients, contacts, competitors.
  • What should we do after the exhibition? Quantitative and qualitative assessment, control and monitoring of made contacts… How can we use the gained experience for our next exhibitions?

We will help you to make clear the aims of participation of your company at the exhibition as well as to find the right way to reach them.